Other Questions


Explains some plugins, what they do and their purpose


User based land protection plugin. The player spends cash to create and expand their claim. Can invite other players to join as well. More info here for the economy aspects, and general information about everything can be found here, on their website.


A plugin that adds the ability to become a Vampire. Players are infected by chance when attacked by a vampire or by drinking their blood. Vampire walk faster, jump higher, have night vision, take no fall damage, don't drown, and most monsters don't attack them, although take extra damage from wooden stake-like items (sticks, fence post, wooden swords, etc) and from the sun. Vampires can't fill their hunger with food, and must feed off the living to fulfill thier bloodlust. More info can be found here


Can I be...?

Operator(OP)? Admin? Moderator? If you have to ask, then likely no. Just showing up in our community doesn't grant you special permissions or powers. Someone from the Founding team has to approve you, and we also consult long time players and our Admins. If you ask, we'll likely not consider you in the future.

What Mods can I use here?

For the most part, we don't allow mods on the server, but we do have exceptions. Feel free to use a minimap type mod or similar ones. Any mods that allows unfair advantages, like flying, speed hacks, xray, etc are prohibited.

How often are Taxes charged?

Taxes are charged every 24 hours in the real world. Amounts charged depend on if you are part of a town, have a nation, and what the leaders set the taxes at.

Why won't my nether portal activate?

Short answer: Towns by default have fire spread disabled. Turn it on, light the portal, turn it back off. The command is /t toggle fire.

Long answer: The reason it isn't activating has to do with how Nether Portals work. In Minecraft, you need to use flint 'n steel to light a fire on the obsidian frame. It's not the flint and steel that make the portal, but the fire block that appears on it. Towny (or in some cases WorldGuard) will prevent fire spread. By default, all newly created towns have fire spread turned off. To get around this, turn on fire spread, light the portal, then turn fire spread off again. Just be cautious that if you have any other fire near flammable blocks that they may light on fire now too. Toggle fire spread with /t toggle fire.

If you still can't activate a nether portal, ask a staff member