This page contains some basic and midlevel information and commands for ChestShop and general economy questions.


Simple Chest and Sign based shop plugin. Uses the in-game currency to make transactions. At the spawn point there are "Admin Shops" that sell and buy limited items. More on that in the Economy section below.

How to make a ChestShop

Following this table will show you how to make a ChestShop. If you prefer a more visually friendly version, check this guide out on Google Docs here: ChestShop Tutorial

Example of ChestShop sign
Line Info Example Buy Example Sell Example Both
1 Player Name Mayor_Mike Mayor_Mike Mayor_Mike
2 Number of items per transaction 8 16 2
3 Buy/sell price B 100 S 50 B 34 : S 12
4 Item name/Item ID Stone Stone Granite

Finding Item IDs

There are many ways online to find Item IDs, including the Minecraft Wiki, but there are also two in-game methods as well. Option One is a coded in the game itself, and Option Two is provided by the plugin.

Option One

This method uses Minecraft's own debug tools to show Item ID when you hover your mouse over an item. To activate it, hold down F3 and push the H key. A message will show telling you it worked.

Option Two

This method uses a command from the ChestShop plugin. While holding the item you want to see the Item ID of, type /iteminfo. It will show the name of the item, and it's Item ID. The advantage to this, is the ability to get a code for customized items, like Enchanted Swords, banners, shulker boxes, FireWorks, etc. It will provide the Item ID and an extra bit to add at the end because it's a custom item. An example would be like this for a Firework: FireworkRocket#1


Controlled mainly with iConomy, with Essentials giving some alternative commands and layouts.

Admin Shop

Controlled by ChestShop. Admin Shops don't require chest and spawn items out of no where. The shop mostly sells and buys base items, stone, farmed goods and monster drops. The Admin Shop is found near the spawn point.
Item values are based on a Excel sheet I found one day, but usually rounded to the nearest decimal point. Selling items to the Admin Shop is the main way to make money on the server.