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Server Hardlock Issue

Server OS Error

As many are aware of now, the server has crashed several times in ways that the machine had to physically be turned off and turned back on. It is displayed in a picture on the right. I'm going to try to explain the issue to the best of my understanding. Skip to the Summary section if you don't understand or want a quick run through.

The details

The error INFO: task jbd2/nvme0n1p2-:459 blocked for more than 120 seconds is basically saying the task is trying to write to the disk and it has waited for over 2 minutes. Eventually it seems too many things are waiting and it just freezes up the system. Now this signifies it could be a issue with a drive. In my case, probably the main drive the OS is installed on because of the nvme0n1p2 section. I fear this is warning us that the drive may soon fail, and I will be ordering a new, more expensive and reputable brand to replace it. Easy peasy, except for the fact this will require some downtime for the server when the drive gets replaced and the OS reinstalled. Reinstalling a drive will require all data is lost, but that's where my backup drive comes in. You, the end user, shouldn't notice any changes.


I suspect a failing hard drive. I plan to replace it. That will involve some downtime while the drive is replaced and the operating system is reinstalled. All data will be backed up. You shouldn't notice any differences on your end of things. If you have questions ask me in game or on the Discord in the general channel.