Update list/log for the server. Keeping a somewhat detailed log since Minecraft 1.14.x/14 May, 2019. Some previous versions may be backlog as remembered.

Previous worlds can be found here.

The list mostly just details what needs to be done, and may have changes added to show differences between server versions and random changes.

Version 14

Minecraft Version 1.19

Spawn zone for V14

Starting on Minecraft version 1.18, this iteration showcased the rest of the Caves & Cliffs update. Spawn zone was made by the community.

Version 13.5

Minecraft Version 1.17.x

Spawn zone for V13.5

Featured for the short length of Minecraft version 1.17.x, it was made to be a temporary transition world until 1.18 released with the full Caves & Cliffs update, which will features a much higher new build height, deeper caves and many new naturally occurring blocks. Version 13 grew stale with its long lasting life, but we also didn't want to fully wait for 1.18 before starting something a little more fresh and give people at least something to do for the time being.

Version 13

Minecraft Version 1.16.x

Spawn zone for V13

Featured in Minecraft version 1.14.x - 1.16.x. Server was a slow start as it had many under the hood changes to both Minecraft and Spigot. First server since 2015/2016 to be self hosted. Migrated from OVH VPS to our own hardware. Server version was updated to 1.15 on 11 Dec, 2019. Server version was again updated to 1.16.1 on 23 Jun, 2020.

At the time of shutting down, the server files were as listed below on the table. It was the largest file sizes we have ever had and the longest running server version we ever had.

File Size Stats:
Server Data Size Last Logged
Overworld Size ~19GB 11 Jun 2021
Nether Size ~2GB 11 Jun 2021
End Size ~2.9GB 11 Jun 2021
Backup Size ~148GB 11 Jun 2021
Dynmap Overworld ~125GB 11 Jun 2021
Dynmap Nether ~11GB 11 Jun 2021
Dynmap End ~12GB 11 Jun 2021
Core Protect Database ~11.412GB 11 Jun 2021

Version 12

Minecraft Version 1.13.x

Spawn zone for V12

Featured in Minecraft 1.13.x. Included an underwater dome style for the spawn zone to showcase some of the new features of that version. Had a uncompressed world size of 2.51GB

Version 11

Minecraft version 1.12.x

Spawn zone for V11. Fort Vermilion.

Featured a spawn town named Fort Vermilion located in a Mesa desert. Uncompressed world size of 4.95GB.

Version 10

Minecraft version 1.12

Spawn zone for V10

Version 10 was a moderately popular release. Featured on an island after asking the player base. It was the last version to have a plotless Creative World as well. For some reason, Towny was really slow to start up in this version. Had an uncompressed world size of about 1.70GB

Version 9

Minecraft version 1.11

Spawn zone for V9

Featured a plotless Creative world. Had a few towns, but nothing interconnected by roads.

Version 8

Version 8 had a more interesting looking spawn, but not much of note on the inside. Notable town that was easy to find was Cappuccino Crossing. Other towns are likely lost in the distances as there was no road network in this version.

Version 6 & 7

These version have been lost to time, likely from a hardware fault. There isn't any known trace of them existing and without pictures, memory can't be jogged on what they were like. Contact Mayor_Mike if you have any potential screenshots or information about either version.

Version 5

Minecraft Version
Version 5 was by the most popular release of server versions. It contained an extensive road network going town to town. While the spawn was simple, the areas created by the players were very creative and colourful. At the time, the server was using the Ships plugin and many players created their own ships.

Version 4

Version 4 was a return to the original formula. Quartz was new in this version as shown by Spawn being made from it. Also featured a small road network between the major towns. Notable structures include Brengo's Kingdom, Civitatum, and a couple of towns who's names are lost to time.

Version 3

Version 3 was also known as the RP server. Not really successful, but did introduce Vampire to the server. Prominent structures include the 2 main towns, Steeltown and Farm Forest, the rail network between them and spawn, and Fort Legacy.

Version 2

Spawn zone for V2

Version 2 started when Jungles were first added in the game back in version 1.3. Spawn is extremely simple, but at least has an End portal. Not much is remembered about version 2.