The Phoenix

The Minecraft server that is the center of this wiki. The project started back in 2012 and has since changed names and domain names many times until we settled on Phoenix Network. This server will run for the foreseeable future. As long as someone's paying for the server cost. Add to your client's server list today!

Server Staff


A rarely used rank that adds the ability to use Creative Mode. Usually temporary and users who are granted this are reverted back to their previous rank upon completing the goal in question.


Higher permissions to deal with lesser issues and problems. Gets access to flight as well as a perk. Our current Moderator is:

  • Whoface


Highest trusted staff with near the same power as the founders. Can edit and control most aspects of the server except for console access. Has the same permissions as a Moderator and then some. Our current Admins are:

  • rodreid
  • MacAttackJack
  • MrSnuffalafadis


The original 4 that started the server, and can also be seen on the homepage. The founders are:

Server Statistics

Server Hardware Data
CPU AMD Ryzen 2400G
Main Storage 500 GB NVMe, Samsung EVO
Backup Storage 1 TB HDD
Server Data Size Last Logged
Overworld Size ~19GB 11 Jun 2021
Nether Size ~2GB 11 Jun 2021
End Size ~2.9GB 11 Jun 2021
Backup Size ~148GB 11 Jun 2021
Dynmap Overworld ~125GB 11 Jun 2021
Dynmap Nether ~11GB 11 Jun 2021
Dynmap End ~12GB 11 Jun 2021
Core Protect Database ~11.412GB 11 Jun 2021

Update History

The server has had many restarts and revisions over the years. Go here to see them.