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List of rules for the server. These mainly cover the Minecraft server, but can also extend to the Discord server too.

By continuing to play, you automatically agree to the rules and the consequences that may occur from failure to abide by them. If you disagree with the rules, log off immediately.


  • Asking for server ranks is prohibited. Server staff is chosen on a record of trust and maturity.
    • This is done to minimize the risk of hiring those prone to abuse power.
  • Griefing towns you're invited to is prohibited. If a structure is unprotected then it is fair game.
    • Griefing is defined as causing destruction or an unpleasant game experience to other players for no reason other than to upset them and cause grief.
  • Stealing from unlocked Chests or other containers is allowed. If it is password protected and you happen to guess the correct password then once again you're allowed to keep the items.
  • Usage of adult language is restricted but allowed. There's a point at which it becomes annoying. Think about how often you casually use adult language in conversation that feels natural.
    • Adult language is defined as curses and swear words and words that are recognized as “vulgar” or “rude” in most contexts within their language.
  • Mobs or NPC Villagers in which are protected by an admin are to not be slain. Usually it is blatantly obvious if they are protected. Good rule of thumb, if it's an area owned by an admin you should probably let it be.
  • PvP is allowed, but avoid excessively killing one person repeatedly. If a player says they're done, do the honourable thing and let them run off.
  • You are under no obligation to give back items after killing a player. Exceptions may occur in which a staff member requests you to, but these are usually specific to certain situations.
  • It is recommended to use English or French in Public chat. Most players only know English so it is recommended to use it for ease of communication. No penalties for not using it however.
  • Do not ask staff to spawn items for you. There's a chance a staff member or another user may have extra of an item lying around so politely ask if anyone has the item.
    • Demanding staff to spawn items for you may result in being muted or jailed.
  • Flying is prohibited for users of lower rank than Moderator. Bans, be it permanent or temporary may be issued.
  • Mental illnesses will not be tolerated as excuses for outbursts, rudeness or for any actions that may break rules.
    • We cannot support a case-by-case basis for vetting this type of behaviour. We are not mental health professionals. People can and will lie over the Internet.
  • Actions that break laws within any jurisdiction are prohibited. Depending on the particular case, law enforcement may be contacted and your account will be banned from the server. This includes threats to perform an illegal action.
    • Illegal actions may include but are not limited to: Threats of actual murder or harm, unauthorized access to computer systems, DDoS.
  • Hate Speech will not be tolerated. Failure to comply may result in a temporary ban, while repeated issues may result in a permanent ban.
    • Hate Speech is defined as Inflammatory comments or remarks, insults, homophobic behaviour, transphobic behaviour, racism and xenophobia.

Punishment Tracker

List of punishments throughout the years. For logging consistent behaviour. Quality and number of punishments were refined throughout the years. Some content may be considered NSFW.