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|Add player to lock
|Add player to lock
|/cmodify Teethdude
|<code>/cmodify Teethdude</code>
|Remove player from lock
|Remove player from lock
|/cmodify -Teethdude
|<code>/cmodify -Teethdude</code>

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Quick reference guide for LWC explaining basic and advanced concepts.

Common Commands

Command What It Does Alias/Example
/lock Locks container /cprivate
/unlock Unlocks a container /cremove
/cpublic Creates a public lock None
/cdonation Creates a donation Chest None
/cpassword <password> Creates a password protected lock. /cpassword SuperSecretLock
/cunlock <password> Unlocks a password protected lock. /cunlock SuperSecretLock
/cinfo View info about a lock, such as who can access. None

Advanced Commands

Command What It Does
/cmodify Modifies a lock. Details below.
/lwc mode persist Toggles if commands persist. Great when you need to lock a lot of chest.
/lwc mode droptransfer Make drops automatically drop into a chest. Details below.
/lwc mode nolock Toggles the ability to make new locks.
/lwc mode nospam Toggles the lock creation message.
/lwc flag Set flags for the protections, read more below


Allows you to modify an existing lock.

Info Example
Add player to lock /cmodify Teethdude
Remove player from lock /cmodify -Teethdude

LWC Flags


List of Containers

Anything that can be locked in LWC is called a container. All currently lockable containers are listed below.