How To

A few How To tips to help new players, or players looking for a refresher.

How to Make Money

This section contains quick tips on how to make some money.

Monster Hunting

Monster drops are a good way to make some quick cash as you likely already built up a collection of Rotten Flesh. Can be sold at the shop.

Interplayer Trading

This largely has to do with your ability to barter with another player, or you can even setup ChestShops so you can collect even while offline. Making money through trading all depends on being competitive with your prices.

Admin Shop

Like for Monster Hunting, you can sell some blocks at the Admin Shop for a quick buck. Most things here are cheap and don't give a lot of money. Farming and fishing seems to be the most profitable way right now.

This page contains useful info on how to report players for various reasons, and making an effective report

Making a Useful Player Report

To make a useful report, we need some info:

  • Name of the offender
  • What he/she did (check rules for some offenses)
  • Screenshot or video evidence of the offense
  • Coordinates to the offense (optional)
  • With the above information, it helps a lot to send the user to justice. We never ban a player without proof.
    Reports apply to on the server and Discord. Voice chat is exempt, as it is very difficult to track, but feel free to ask staff to login if a user is acting out. We will deal with it appropriately.

    How to Submit the Report

    To submit a report, it's highly recommended to send an email to
    Alternatively, send a private message to a staff member on Discord or on the server to make a report.