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Default inventory of the Spawn Arena

List of arenas on the server. Game modes are per arena and some arenas may support multiple game modes.

It is reccomended to be just outside the arena when joining to avoid teleportation issues.

Spawn Arena

This arena is located at spawn and changes every so often. It is always within a 2x2 chunk size and aims to be symmetrical so all players have the same chance.

Arena Players Winnings Gamemode
Spawn 2+ TBA Last Man Standing
Spleef 2+ TBA Spleef


All players are given a diamond sword, diamond armour, a bow, 32 arrows and 16 cooked beef.



Missing Inventory

For Players

If you are missing your inventory after a battle, do not join any further battles! Notify a staff member immediately so they can restore your inventory. If you do fight more battles, your inventory may be lost forever.

For Staff

This guide will walk you through restoring a player's inventory using Mayor_Mike as the placeholder player name.

  • List all of a player's inventories /ba listInv Mayor_Mike. It will show a list of saved inventories.
  • List the inventory contents to make sure it's the right one with /ba listInv Mayor_Mike 1
  • When the correct inventory is found, do /ba restoreInv Mayor_Mike 1
  • Player's inventory has been restored.


Gallery of arenas that are or could be used.

Spawn Arena 1