This page contains links to previous server worlds that were archived. Some are missing due to hardware failure or accidentally deleted when changing server versions or hosting providers. All listed worlds are currently self hosted on our own web servers.

World List

World Size Type Date Archived Direct Link
1.7.2TMP 157.8MB 7z 01 MAY 2014
BukkitTMP 36.8MB 7z 01 MAY 2014
Phoenix(Jungles were new-V2) 229.8MB 7z 01 MAY 2014 were new-V2).7z
Phoenix_Main(RP Server-V3) 172MB 7z 01 MAY 2014 (RP Server-V3).7z
PhoenixcraftV4 1.15GB 7z 17 JULY 2014
PhoenixV5 2.35GB 7z 13 MARCH 2014
PhoenixV8 3.62GB 7z 24 JULY 2016
PhoenixV9 3.05GB 7z 16 APRIL 2017 V9.7z
Phoenixv10 1.72GB 7z 28 SEPTEMBER 2017
ThePhoenixv11 3.78GB 7z 09 DECEMBER 2018
ThePhoenixv12 2.51GB 7z 30 JUNE 2019
ThePhoenixv13 15.78GB 7z 17 DEC 21
ThePhoenixv13.5 813MB 7z 20 JUNE 2022