Towny is a plugin made over at It provides user managed land protection and a simple form of government. Visit their website for more information.

If you'd like some video tutorials, here are some officially sanctioned by the Dev

Common Commands

Command What It Does
/town Info page for Towns
/t new Town_Name_Here Create a new town
/t spawn Quickly teleport to your town's spawn
/t claim Claim more area for your town. /t claim outpost to claim an outpost
/t outpost # Teleport to the specified outpost. Replace # with a number.
/t buy bonus # Buy # amount of bonus blocks
/t set Show a list of options to set for your town.
/t toggle Show a list of toggle options for your town, such as PvP
/t ? Show a list of commands. Do /t mayor to show a list of Mayor commands.
/nation Info page for nations
/n ? Help page for nations. /n king to show nation leader commands
/n new Nation_Name_Here Create a new nation. Must be the Mayor of a town
/n set List of options to set for your nation


What Price Charged Bank Account
Town $2,500 Once Player Bank
Nation $10,000 Once Town Bank
Outpost $50 Per Claim Town Bank
Town Claim $10 Per Claim Town Bank
Bonus Blocks $25 Once Town Bank
Town Upkeep $0 Daily Town Bank
Nation Upkeep $100 Daily Nation Bank
Neutral Status $100 Daily Nation Bank
Town Tax Town Dependant Daily Player Bank
Nation Tax Nation Dependant Daily Town Bank

Some of the above prices can be seen in game using /towny prices

Town/Nation Levels

Table with the requirements to level up your town. Each level allows for more Towny Block claims. Below this table is one for Nations.

Town Level Required Residents Towny Blocks Added Towny Block Limit Mayor Prefix
Settlement 1 0 16 Settler
Village 2 16 32 Chief
Town 5 128 160 Mayor
City 10 160 320 Mayor
Metropolis 20 128 448 Lord
Nation Level Required Residents Towny Blocks Added Leader Prefix
Nation Founding a Nation 10 Leader
Nation (2)* 10 0 Dictator