What is Dynmap

Dynmap is a Google Maps-like webpage that allows you to see the discovered world! You can see other players, biomes, and structures in a flatmap or in isometric view.

How To Access

To access Dynmap, go to http://mc.phoenixnetwork.ca and you will see the map. To get access to more advanced features, such as web-to-server chat, you will need to create a login.


To register, you must first login to the server and type /dynmap webregister and it will give you a 8 digit code formatted like this: XXXX-XXXX. Remember this code as you will need it for the registration.

Next, visit the login/register page. Input your userID (Minecraft username), set a password (password can be whatever you want) and input your registration code. That's it. You are now registered.


To login, just put in your UserID and password that you made when registering.

I Forgot My Password!

Repeat the steps for registering to the Dynmap to reset your password.