Sutharian Empire

This page details the history, discoveries, advancements and story of the fictional Stellaris empire, the Sutharian Empire. It is a comprehensive log of the game, changing and developing as the game plays out.


The Sutharis

Image of a Suthari

The Sutharis are a humanoid race native to the Sutharian Empire. They are Thrifty, naturally Intelligent and very Charismatic. The Sutharis don't adapt well to other worlds and are relatively weak compared to other species. They naturally enjoy the cooler, mountainous alpine climate of their home world, Sutharia.

The Zantaks

Image of a Zantak

The Zantaks are a reptilian species of Sutharia. Servile in nature, they aren't too smart and evolved to be very good at laborious task and trained to be the muscle of the military. They don't mind being under Suthari rule and are quite happy with the arrangement. Like the Sutharis, Zantaks don't adapt well to foreign worlds.


The Sutharian people are very militaristic and aren't afraid to engage in war to meet their interest. Additionally, they like other species and prefer to help, subjugate, and uplift other species to their own level.


Suthana is a Trinary system where all three stars are closely gathered in the center of the system. The main star is where the name Suthana comes from.


Sutharia is the home world of the Sutharis people. It is an alpine planet, so it is mountainous, and frozen.


The Government has been unified Imperial rule since the year 2200 when the Komorov family took complete control of Sutharia. The Government is very focused on maintaining national security, building a formidable spacial navy, and bringing peace to the entire galaxy.

Komorov Royal Family

The Komorov Royal Family was the founding government faction of the modern Sutharian Empire. You can read more about them here: Komorov Royal Family

Modern Factions

List of modern age factions in Sutharia, of both opposition and pro government.

Alien Suffrage League

Founded in 2211 by Queen Svetlana Komorov. The faction's focus is to promote Xenophilia, and to suppress the suffering of species across the Galaxy.


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List of Planets

Major Discoveries & Events

Irassian Concordat

The Irassian Concordat was a space age civilization predating the Sutharian Empire by over 1.2 million years. The Irassians appeared to be six-limbed mammalians that were susceptible to disease and perished to a plague known as Javorian Pox, despite their best efforts to quarantine and limit the spread of the plague. Not much is known about the Irassians or Javorian Pox other than what was detailed in medical logs.

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Irassian Concordat

Habital Worlds

Year 2209, Sutharian Scientist discovered another world, named Suyo VII to have a suitable atmosphere, although the planet itself was a Gas Giant. Xenobiologist then began the initiative to document the first eight worlds. In the year 2233, this initiative was completed.

Predacious Plantlife

Year 2216, Xenobiologist discovered the plantlife on the ocean world of Hanneri IIIa to be predatory. Caution was advised if the planet is ever colonized.

Sonified Science

In the year 2217, scientist discovered signals of unusual pattern. It was a song, and a highly catchy one. The head science officer can't get it out of his head. It remains unknown where, who or what the signal comes from but is suspected to originate outside our own Galaxy.

Xeno Empires/Worlds

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Space Travelers

In the year 2225, Sutharian scientist discovered other space travelers. They appeared hostile. Later it was confirmed they were ancient, autonomous mining drones. It's unknown where they originate from.

Alien Mural

Year 2231, Scientist found a large mural on Alpha Hydri B III, carved out of a slab of rock. It is covered in alien writing. It is a mystery how this mural came to be.

Year 2232, scientist were able to translate the text. It contained a staggering amount of data and appears to serve as some sort of low-tech library. It describes knowledge and advancements of a society from 80 million years ago. Most knowledge is already know to us, but it will keep our scientist busy for ages learning more about their culture.

Amoeboid Pacification

Year 2235, Sutharian scientist discovered giant space faring Amoeba. Ships seem to agitate them. Researchers began to find a way to reduce aggression, or even mask the ships from the amoeba.

The First Suthari Colony

On year 2235, the first Suthari colony ship touched down on Pauunia III and began to setup a colony. It is the first colony of the Sutharian Empire on an alien world. By year 2238 it became self reliant and governed world within Sutharian borders.


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