About The Phoenix

Rise from the ashes!

Unique Design

Minecraft server that has been running since 2012. After a few name changes, we settled on Phoenix Network. We focus on a Towny based system for land protection and city creation. Fight, or collaborate to become the best!


We use Spigot, a mature, reliable and stable, server software built off CraftBukkit, and using the Bukkit API. The Bukkit API allows use to use the great plugins and features we employ!

Professional Staff

Our staff are capable with dealing with a variety of issues, and any questions you may have. We take harrassment seriously and will issue punishments appropriately and according to our protocol.

Reliably Hosted

We're kept running because of OVH. Hosted in Quebec, Canada to be close to the majority of our users. We have root access to solve all our problems in a timely and efficient manner.

The Phoenix Founders

The people who made this place!

One of the four founders. Mostly deals with things behind the scenes like plugin managing and other server functions.



One of the four founders. Is the main web developer for the server and deals with troublesome users.


Founder, Web Developer

One of the four founders. Doesn't show up too often or do much beyond managing users and bringing in new users.



One of the four founders. Hasn't been seen in quite some time.