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Quick access to the main server dynmap. Registration is optional, but required for more advanced features


A spot for quick FAQs and other information.



Discord is a chat client made for gamers, removing the need for TeamSpeak or Skype. Best part, it's 100% free!


About The Phoenix


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We use Spigot, a mature, reliable and stable, server software built off CraftBukkit, and using the Bukkit API. The Bukkit API allows use to use the great plugins and features we employ!


Professional Staff

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Our staff are capable with dealing with a variety of issues, and any questions you may have. We take harrassment seriously and will issue punishments appropriately and according to our protocol.


Reliably Hosted

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Using a nice AMD Ryzen 2400 with 32 GB of RAM. When problems occur we're able to fix it as quickly as humanly possible! Typically the only lag issues that occur are from any inefficiencies of Minecraft itself.