[ About Us ]

Minecraft server that has been running since 2012. Over the years we have used several different names, settling on Phoenix Network. We focus on a Towny based system for land protection and city creation, with limited WorldEdit in our plotless, naturally generated Creative World! Fight, or collaborate to become the best!

We use Spigot, a mature, reliable and stable, server software built off CraftBukkit, and using the Bukkit API. The Bukkit API allows use to use the great plugins and features we employ!

Professional Staff

Our staff are capable with dealing with a variety of issues, and any questions you may have. We take harrassment seriously and will issue punishments appropriately and according to our protocol.

We're kept running because of OVH. Based in Canada, there's no need to worry about the exchange rate. We have root access to solve all our problems in a timely manner.

[ Services ]

We provide a variety of services with out Minecraft Server to give players an even greater experience, and opportunities to communicate.

The Phoenix

Main Server. The heart of the Network, and where it all started back in 2012. Login with mc.phoenixnetwork.ca

The Phoenix Mini

Pocket Edition Project. It's not online often due to hardware, host and financial constraints.

The Phoenix Documentation

A spot for quick FAQs and other information. Click to open in a new tab!


Quick access to the main server dynmap. Registration is optional, but required for more advanced features. Click to open in a new tab!

Discord Chat

Discord is a chat client made for gamers, removing the need for TeamSpeak or Skype. Best part, it's 100% free! Click to join!


We provide a TeamSpeak server for those who prefer it. The TeamSpeak server is open to the public, so feel free to use it even if you don't play on our servers! Click to join!

[ The Phoenix Administration Team ]

Below you'll find memebers of our Staff and contact information for some of them.

To join us, simply play for awhile. We'll come to you! Asking to be staff greatly reduces your chances of getting a position.

  • Mayor_Mike

    Founder, Network Lead



    Founder, Lead Web Developer





  • MacAttackJack

    Lead Administrator